by travelmugg

It was a beautiful sunny day. Blue skies and the park was buzzing with life!
Warbling Vireos and Ruby-crowned Kinglets were in abundance. We also, saw Western Tanagers, Orange-crowned Warblers, White-throated Sparrows, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Rufous Hummingbirds, Dusky and Hammond’s Flycatchers, and American Robins. We heard a few Red-breast Nuthatches, quite a few Yellow Warblers, and perhaps my FOY MacGillivray’s Warbler! We didn’t manage to sight the one that was singing, however…

There are actually quite a few more species that I’ve seen throughout the first few months of the year…I’ll add them here, and try to backtrack to when they were seen. I can update accordingly…

I realize that this is not chronological thus far, so thankfully no one is interested in reading all of this and it is for my eyes only.

48. Hairy Woodpecker (May 24, 2014 – Wilkins Park, Prince George, BC)
49. Red-breasted Sapsucker (May 24, 2014 – Wilkins Park, Prince George, BC)
50. Snowy Owl (January, 2014 – Prince George, BC)
51. Downy Woodpecker (January, 2014 – Miworth, Prince George, BC)
52. Northern Shrike (January or February, 2014 – Prince George)
53. Black Oystercatcher (March, 2014 – Sechelt, BC)
54. Varied Thrush (March, 2014 – Sechelt, BC)
55. Common Goldeneye (March, 2014 – Sechelt, BC)
56. Northern Shoveler (March, 2014 – Richmond, BC)
57. Green-winged Teal (March, 2014 – Richmond, BC)
58. Lesser Scaup
59. Bufflehead
60. Red-breasted Merganser
61. Killdeer
62. Ruffed Grouse
63. Double-crested Cormorant
64. Western Meadowlark
65. Winter Wren
White-crowned Sparrow
House Sparrow
European Starling
Common Raven