by travelmugg

Today was quite interesting. A bit overcast but beautiful nonetheless. Some highlights for today were the Ruby-crowned Kinglets displaying their ruby crowns, hearing for the first time this year, a vireo other than warbling. My assumption was a Red-eyed Vireo but it seemed a little slow kind of like a Blue-headed Vireo. So it isn’t quite confirmed. I tried chasing the song up a hill but to no avail. I heard my first Least Flycatchers of the season as well! Also, in the distance, I could’ve sworn I heard a Northern Saw-whet Owl.
Quite a few Yellow Warblers in abundance as well as the Western Wood Pewees! I managed to see at least three of them!

I was hoping to see/hear a Swainson’s Thrush as they are apparently supposed to be here by now. However, today was not the day.

70. Western Wood Pewee (May 27, 2014 – Moore’s Meadow, Prince George, BC)